Pablo Gnecco

Pablo Gnecco manipulates light and darkness through his network sculpture ‘Orbitals’.

Pablo Gnecco

A Note from the Artist

Orbitals is an exploration of cause and effect within a network made of light and its obstructions. The results of the obstructions are shadows that reveal patterns in the network. This specific piece was the first version. I hope to have the opportunity to create larger versions that can be more immersive and interactive with people and architecture


Orbitals was created for That’s Not It, a group exhibition curated by Alex Czetwertynski at MANA Contemporary that plays with our need to categorize art practices, but insists on the “tip of the tongue” moment we all feel when confronted with the endless range of the so-called “post-new media art.”

Concept & Design – Pablo Gnecco

Custom Software – Nate Turley

Custom Fabrication – Bradley Bowers

About Pablo Gnecco

Pablo Gnecco is an experiential artist and motion designer from Bogota, Colombia living in Brooklyn, NY. He is an inaugural member of The New Museum’s art and technology incubator, NEW INC. Currently an Artist in Residence at Mana Contemporary. Curator of & Co-Founder of Studio Studio a media and design agency/studio. Gnecco has exhibited in galleries and public spaces in Atlanta, New York City, Boston, and Bogota.

Contributor / Pablo Gnecco / Website / Instagram 

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