Fathom Gallery

A look into the world of Fathom’s newest platform for emerging artists.

Fathom Gallery is our forthcoming platform aimed at redefining the art world online. Installing work and presenting artists through methods that breathe life from the heart of the artist’s studio into the consumer’s eye, we seek to re-purpose the standard gallery from a commercial intermediary to an art-centered, community-driven nexus of art appreciation. With each issue of the magazine, this section will keep readers up to date with the space, providing unique, gallery-related content. 

The Gallery

A Statement from the Curator

When the Fathom team and I first sat down to discuss this project, I remember thinking to myself how perfect a synthesis of our creative house an online gallery would be. With boundless opportunity to engage artists and more consistently interact with the art world, a gallery in our eyes embraces a wealth of insight from a body of people excited to connect and discuss art on a higher plane of thought. In surveying the current landscape, we found an online gallery to best complement our offering and be best able to improve on some of the overarching flaws in the current ecosystem.

One of the main criticisms that we have in brick and mortar galleries is akin to the “Starbucks Effect”, whereby they seek to be the third place for consumers to engage with art, distinct and often isolated from the studios that produce the work. While some find it a favorable option for aggregating and disseminating information to a larger audience, galleries will often times remove the spirit of the artists from the work they represent in the process. Through rigid construction and maxim, traditional gallery spaces have preserved an almost sterile quality in their presentation of artwork: the principle being if you want to see beyond it, you have to go through it. However, the question we pose today is whether that approach adequately supports and augments the art community to the best of its ability. We look to challenge this notion of the gallery as a gateway, instead treating it as a bridge beyond the artwork, connecting artists and consumers both between each other and amongst themselves.

Similarly, our primary critique of the online gallery environment much resembles the “Amazon Effect”, whereby artwork falls to the whim of a marketplace and digital anonymity constrains an artist’s ability to express his/her vision holistically. Acknowledging the administrative benefits of digital commerce for emerging artists seeking representation, it is important to note that these artists in tandem often sacrifice autonomy over their work and likeness in the process. Further, with a more grab-all, uniform approach to curation and installation, many online galleries make it more difficult to appreciate the marks that define a piece, in turn diminishing the related affects inspired. Addressing these concerns, we have drawn up the Fathom Gallery with a localized approach to curation and an interactive framework for installation, the directive being to engage the people and the context from which the artwork responds.

With regards to mechanics, the guiding principle is that in collaborating with an ever-growing community of artists, we will organize a show at a given point in time that speaks to the current state of affairs in the world, curating the work accordingly. However, as we will host a forum for constant interaction between artists and appreciators, the conversation of the moment will be ongoing and the ideas freshly generated across our community. When we believe the tides have shifted to a new subject, we will setup a new show, and the process will continue. The featured artists will be those who we believe resonate best in the current worldview regarding the topic at hand.

With this lens in mind, I look forward to participating in many a great conversation inspired from profound, progressive artwork. I am eager for our forthcoming opening this Spring, and I cannot wait to share with our community the powerfully inspiring artists I have had the privilege of working with in the process.

In the section below please find the prompt for our first exhibition, Imagined Clarity.

Roger Golub, Head of Curatorial

Exhibition #1: Imagined Clarity

Conscious of the innumerable opposing dualities present in modern interaction, we seek to present work that resonates with these unknowingly complementary pairings. Set in the framework of the modern haze of interpretation, we look to place clean with chaotic, uniform with textured, loud with regimented.

In the synthesis and dis-aggregation of these properties, we encourage both creators and consumers to affirm the foundation of what defines their current relationships. Through both reflection and response, we look to deepen the conversation surrounding the blurred lines of contemporary communities and breathe context into their intricacies.

Contact the Gallery

Roger Golub / roger@fathomdc.com

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