JaMon Jackson

JaMon Jackson uses bricolage to create a video exploring systemic oppression through dance.

JaMon Jackson

A Note From The Artist

Throughout the course of history, people of color have always been the oppressed, yet they remain hopeful and always find a way to move forward. Since our origins back in Africa, dancing has played a vital role in our culture. The thought process for this visual piece stems from the concept ‘living in the shadow of power’ in which the average human is governed by the 10%. In this video, the normally oppressed people are showcased in the foreground whereas the various oppressing forces of power fall into the background. Lyrics from Flying Lotus & Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Never Catch Me’ are synced with various dance moves to create a think piece for viewers of all backgrounds. Our roots are deep and this video personifies that.


About JaMon Jackson

Ja’Mon Jackson is a multimedia artist based out of Northern VA. Inspired by popular culture, Ja’Mon seeks to engage his audience through various concepts that include strong symbolism in the forms of photography and videography. Analyzing the reality around him, his goal is to shed light on the good and bad, admitting that both exists in this world and neither should be hidden in hopes to persuade someone’s opinion.

JaMon Jackson / Instagram

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