Maku López

Maku López’s photo-series examines false realities, power structures, and surveillance.

Maku López

A Photographic Exploration of ‘Simulacra’ 

This photo series offers a contemporary portrayal of society while asking: What does it mean to live in the shadow of power? 

I wanted to sketch a vision about the fragile boundaries between our actual reality, social reality and fiction, and how power structures in an unconscious lifestyle can program us to assume roles, consume things and make us behave in certain ways.

Part of our panoptic society is the potential of constantly being observed. In today’s ever-connected, cobweb-like community, the notion of privacy turns into something much more complex: There is no difference between private and public life, there is no limit between reality and fiction.

How should we distinguish what’s freely chosen from what has been imposed on us? Society’s unwritten codes can seduce us into identifying with them. Social ambitions and political objectives constantly influence our daily desires and pleasures, even if subconsciously.

This series marks the first step of an ongoing project in which I look to activate ways of thought and explore unabashed human emotions. At its core lies the eternal tension between reality and its symbolic dimension, between notions of power and notions of freedom, following the concept of a “simulacra” as defined by Jean Baudrillard:

“A simulacra is an object that does not refer to any underlying reality, but claims to be this reality itself”

About Maku Lopez

Fashion photographer based in New York.

Maku began her career in Madrid. In 2011 she created Monster Studio and started to collaborate with different publications in fashion and commercial photography.

Since 2012 she has been a teacher in the Fashion Design Degree at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and in the Véritas University of San José, Costa Rica.

Currently she lives in New York City as a lens-based visual artist where she is working as a commercial photographer and developing her personal projects.

Maku Lopez / Commercial Website / Commercial Instagram / Art Website / Art Instagram 

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