Bissy Riva

Bissy Riva presents an examination of the physical and emotional world of the body through textiles.

Bissy Riva

A Note From The Artist

These garments are the answers to a stream of reflective questioning. They are emotional responses to various anxieties and to the impact of those stresses on the body. The apprehensions I address are products of the societal pressures that females face when success is demanded and composure is a command—the destruction and physical repercussion when one informs the other. The pieces I have created are costumes. They are personal to me as an artist. I worked through a period of trying to articulate abstract feelings from which this collection of sculptural textile grew. The intention of each garments is to give the incommunicable form these anxieties instill in us, bodies of their own.

“Here I am
reworked until I don’t
rephrased until
I mean nothing
rewritten until
there are no words
only myself
revealed to you”

About Bissy Riva

Bissy Riva is a fine artist, poet, and textile student at the Rhode Island School of Design. Bissy manipulates traditional textile techniques to create sculptural garments. Her interest in poetry serves as a narrative to her art work. Bissy will complete her BFA in textiles this June.

Bissy Riva / Website / Instagram

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